At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Chaoyang ”Chelsea” Liu, graduate student
Metallic glasses

Gregory Sparks, graduate student
Crystal plasticity

Amlan Das, graduate student
Metallic glasses

Quentin Rizzardi, graduate student
Crystal plasticity

Jeremy Shin, undergraduate student
Metallic glasses

Carol Lin, undergraduate student
Metallic glasses

Jose Mancias, undergraduate student
Crystal plasticity

Jacob Maher, undergraduate student
Metallic glasses

Alumni, UIUC

Postdoctoral scholars: Stefan Kuechemann

Graduates: Pascal Birckigt

Undergraduates: Daniel Rosenthal, John Shimanek, Wuwen Wang, Jason Long, Emily Lindgren, Phil Kagebein, Perry Ross, Mitchell Schroeder, Derek Kwok, William Scott Larson

At the University of Göttingen (2013-2015)

Dominik Tönnies, PhD student
Size-dependent mechanical properties of metallic glasses
Co-supervised with Prof. C.A. Volkert

Ali Ahmadian, bachelor student
Nanomechanical characterization of metallic glass ribbons

Pascal Birckigt, bachelor student
Structure of shear bands in bulk metallic glasses

At Caltech (2011-2012)

Lucas Meza, graduate student
Mechanical characterization of dislocation free nanocrystals
Co-supervised with Prof. J.R. Greer

Matthew Wraith, undergraduate student from UIUC (Dahmen Group)
Avalanche scaling in small scale crystals

At ETH Zurich (2009-2011)

David Klaumunzer, PhD student
Shear-band dynamics in bulk metallic glasses
Co-supervised with Prof. J.F. Löffler

Gaetan Villard, master student
Arrest and aging of shear bands in bulk metallic glasses

Peter Thurnheer, master student and PhD student
Shear-band dynamics in bulk metallic glasses
Co-supervised with Prof. J.F. Löffler

Eva Preiß, bachelor student
Stick-slip behavior of shear bands in bulk metallic glasses

Peter Fuchs, bachelor student
Casting and crystallization of bulk metallic glasses

At PSI (2005-2009)

Martin Jensen, master student
In-situ Laue experiments at the Swiss Light Source