MSE406, Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of Materials (Fall)

Rated as excellent by students for five consecutive years since 2015.

Fundamentals of elastic, viscoelastic and plastic deformation of materials; composite behavior; elementary theory of dislocations; strengthening mechanisms; creep, fracture, and toughening; and fundamentals of thermal behavior (heat capacity, thermal expansion, conductivity, and the effects of thermal stresses). Connecting underlying microscopic mechanisms to macroscopic material behavior, with the goal of controlling or coping with such behavior.

Prerequisites: Math 225 (Linear Algebra), TAM 206 (Statics and Mechanics of Materials), MSE 201 (Phases and Phase Relations); as well as their prerequisites, e.g., Math 241 (Calculus III), Physics 211 (Mechanics).

MSE441, Metals Processing (Spring 2018, 2020)

Rated as excellent by students in 2020.

Melt, mechanical, thermal, powder, and surface processing of metals. Extraction of metals, joining of metals, metal composites, and metal recycling. Relationships between the processing of metals, the microstructures that are produced, and the behavior of metal components.

Prerequisites: MSE406.

MSE529, Hard Materials Seminar (2019-2020)

MSE595, Materials Colloquium (2015-2018)