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May 2021: Robert gives the Materials Research Lecture at Caltech
May 2021: A fully loaded TI980 from HysitronBruker finds its way to us 🙂
Apr 2021: Amlan now Dr Das! With flying colors!
Apr 2021: Welcoming our new Maasster team member Birte
Mar 2021: Two new papers published – 1x on metallic glasses, 1x on HEAs
Mar 2021: 150 years BAM – check it out. Science with Impact!
Feb 2021: It is time for Nanobrücken! Join and listen to our invited talk
Feb 2021: Welcoming Yuki and his TEM power to BAM
Jan 2021: Adnan joins the Maassters team – wonderful!
Dec 2020: Giving the materials physics seminar at the University of Münster. Thank you so much for hosting me (virtually)!
Nov 2020: Robert’s invited MRS talk will be live! Watch it next week 🙂
Nov 2020: MS&T rocks – with invited Maassters talk!
Oct 2020: We are hiring a postdoc – apply now
Oct 2020: Exciting stuff published in Phys Rev Mat on vacancy defects in Co!
Aug 2020: New project on Heusler alloys funded. Interested? Apply NOW!
July 2020: New NSF funded project available. Fun research on metallic glasses ahead of us! 
July 2020: Robert now head of department 5 at BAM in Berlin. Exciting new challenges ahead!
June 2020: @Maassters research resumes! Thanks to all MatSE and college colleagues that made this possible.
June 2020:  ICES scores for MSE441 came in – rated as excellent. I am honored.
May 2020:  One step closer to his PhD – today we celebrate Quentin’s successful prelim exam. Great job!
May 2020:  Congratulations to Catherine for winning the Copper Club scholarship! We love our undergraduates!
April 2020:  We celebrate a new Maasster-PhD. Congratulations to Chelsea, now formally Dr. Liu!
April 2020:  Robert rated excellent teacher for the fifth (!!) consecutive year. Love MSE406!
Feb 2020:  TMS2020 was awesome! Three Maasster-talks given!
Feb 2020:  Check out the Nature Communications Metallurgy Collection that features one of our articles
Jan 2020:  Visting amazing ArcelorMittal research in Chicago
Jan 2020:  This I call an undergrad! Here is John’s first author paper. Three years of hard work payed off.
Dec 2019:  Proudly sharing that Peter Derlet is now Prof. at ETH Zurich
Dec 2019:  Robert gives seminars at Tsinghua and CAS/IOP in Beijing
Dec 2019:  Group Christmas fun at Murphy’s bar 🙂
Dec 2019:  Welcoming Catherine – new undergraduate power!
Nov 2019:  Robert receives the Masing medal from the DGM at the 100 years anniversary celebrations
Nov 2019:  Here is Amlan’s latest paper published in Nature Communications
Oct 2019:  Thanks to Prof. Fan for organizing a great SES metallic glass symposium!
Oct 2019:  Time for MS&T again. We had a great time in Portland
Aug 2019:  Keynote lecture given at LAM-17 – the Maassters are in France
Aug 2019:  The Maassters welcome Yuki, who brings TEM power from Japan!
Aug 2019:  Enjoying scientific discussions with Dr. Derlet
July 2019:  Robert has been selected to represent TMS at the 2019 Emerging Leaders Alliance Conference
July 2019: The third edition of MidGLAM is running! Fun times ahead with a group of gifted middle schoolers. 
May 2019: Robert elected to the APS User Organization Steering Committee
May 2019: Gregory now hodded and officially doctor Sparks
May 2019: Amlan received the ASNT fellowship award – amazing times!
Apr 2019: Congratulations to our Racheff-Intel awardee Gregory!
Mar 2019: One more time – Robert rated excellent teacher 🙂
Mar 2019: TMS here we are! Amlan and Robert are presenting at the annual meeting.
Feb 2019: Robert enjoys a wonderful visit at AFRL/WPAFB – a place that knows metals!
Feb 2019: Sign up for our middle-school summer camp for Girls! It is for free and super fun. Here are more details.
Feb 2019: The month of exams – congrats to Quentin for passing his quals, and to our first Maasster PhD #1 Gregory
Jan 2019: Excellent prelim talk given by Chelsea – congratulations for passing!
Jan 2019: We welcome Prof. Chansun Shin from Korea as a visiting scholar.
Dec 2018: Here is Gregory’s next paper on nontrivial scaling exponents in crystal plasticity published in PRMat.
Nov 2018: Robert enjoys a visit at Shanghai University hosted by Prof. Gang Wang.
Nov 2018: Amlan and Chelsea are running an exciting beamtime at 8-ID/APS.
Nov 2018: Excellent work, Stefan! Read his new paper in Adv. Fun. Mat.
Sept 2018: Quentin passed his first qual – congrats from your team!
July 2018: Welcome to Kezhen, who made it all the way from China to us!
June 2018: We are running mid-GLAM again! 20 middle school girls are exploring science with us. Fun times!
June 2018: Now it is Amlan’s turn! Read his first paper in APL here.
June 2018: Three new papers! Gregory, Chelsea, and Quentin did strike again. Click on their names to find out more.
May 2018: Robert enjoys the BMG XII meeting in Korea
May 2018: Congratulation to Gregory, who won a best student talk contribution prize at MRS Spring
May 2018: Awesome news! Amlan was accepted to this year’s National School on Neutron & X-ray Scattering
Apr 2018: We welcome Oscar – mini Maaster II, 9 pounds and 50 cm tall 🙂
Apr 2018: Gregory and Robert are enjoying MRS. Great talk, Greg!
Mar 2018: Chelsea gives an excellent talk at TMS.
Mar 2018: One more! Robert rated excellent teacher. It is fun!
Feb 2018: Colloquium given at RPI. Thanks for a wonderful stay.
Feb 2018: Beamtime again – Amlan and Chelsea conduct awesome in-situ bending experiments at APS.
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